For many decades, the utmost in glamour and beauty when it comes to gemstones has been the traditional white diamond. Much of this has been driven by large diamond companies actively promoting their gemstones, but in recent years there has been a resurgence in the popularity and demand for coloured gemstones as well.

The fact is that coloured gemstones are a thriving (and rapidly growing) part of the modern fashion world and you can take advantage of this terrific trend to further promote and expand your business opportunities.

The allure and attraction of coloured gemstones

Today’s modern fashion divas, celebrities, and movie stars are re-discovering what many people have known all along. That is, coloured gemstones are absolutely gorgeous and can be a stunning addition to any wardrobe. Take a look at any red carpet celebration and you’ll see plenty of well known people showing off their coloured gemstone accessories in prominent and beautiful ways.

For instance, at the 2008 Academy Awards we saw a very pregnant Cate Blanchett wearing a stunning combination of coloured stones in her necklace and earrings. The earrings were drop-shaped emeralds and the matching necklace combined emeralds, diamonds, and other textures. Another gorgeous star, Marion Cotillard, was noticeable with her fantastic cocktail ring that featured a large and beautiful yellow diamond. Even fashion icon Heidi Klum was wearing jewellery that featured coloured stones such as ruby, garnet, and pink sapphire.

The truth about coloured gemstones is that they are beautiful, attractive, and a wonderful fashion statement. You can use the modern trends of famous people wearing coloured gemstones as a way to introduce the idea to your customers and potential customers. Show them just how easy it is to combine coloured gemstones with just about any type of outfit. Create a style book to give them actual references so they’re not left trying to imagine what it might be like to mix things up a little. Younger buyers are especially interested in the fashion trends and statements of their favourite celebrities, so pay extra attention to what’s happening in that age range. It’s a great way to attract younger customers to your store and establish a relationship with them, greatly increasing the chances that they will keep coming back to you for their jewellery needs in the years to come.

Promoting coloured gemstones as a fashion statement

Nothing is ever going to replace the traditional white diamond in many people’s minds, but more and more people are finding coloured gemstones to be a beautiful and interesting addition to their jewellery choices. You can make the most of this trend by promoting coloured gemstones as both a fashion statement and an affordable way to bring some glamour into every person’s life.

Watch the news, go online or look at twitter for examples of celebrities wearing coloured gemstones and use that information as you promote your own coloured gemstones. Display pictures of famous people wearing coloured gemstone jewellery right next to your own examples of similar colours and jewellery combinations.

Have you used these kinds of strategies before? How have they worked?

Please leave your comment below or read other peoples’.

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