It is a common characteristic of the gemstone and jewellery business that some times of year are far busier than others. Christmas and Valentine’s Day are two of the biggest holidays, along with Mother’s Day. These holidays offer plenty of opportunities to attract customers and increase sales, but that’s not enough to keep your small to medium size business afloat for the entire year. What you need is to find a way to drive demand for gemstones all year round.

Something new for each month

Start by looking at the calendar year in a month by month way. For each month, take a look at any holidays you might emphasise (even if they are small or specialised). Build a plan around what you find, being creative in how you combine coloured gemstones with traditional white diamonds to attract customer attention and promote the purchase of fine jewellery.

For example, let’s look at January. This tends to be a slow month thanks to the post-Christmas let down from consumers who have spent a great deal of money on presents for that holiday. To help keep business moving in January think about promoting events such as:

  • New Year Inventory Clearance – Making way for new gemstones and jewellery means you can entice customers to come in looking for good prices on existing inventory
  • Twelfth Night Celebration – Celebrate the new year and traditional midwinter festival with a brightly coloured gemstone necklace, bracelet, or earrings. Make your window really shine

Another great way to drive demand each month is to celebrate birthstones.

These are just a few examples of ways to look at each month and find reasons to promote and encourage gemstone purchases of all kinds, whether big, small, or somewhere in between.

Birthstones and seasonal celebrations

Birthstones and the seasons of the year are two other terrific ways to promote gemstones and attract business year round. With the creative use of coloured gemstones and other interesting jewellery pieces you can keep customers coming back for more.

Birthstones are a really good fit for monthly promotions; let’s look at January once again as an example. The traditional birthstone for January is garnet, but the zodiac birthstone for Capricorn is ruby. Later on in the month comes Aquarius, which also has garnet as its birthstone. Take advantage of opportunities to present both garnet and ruby as birthstone options in jewellery such as earrings, bracelets, necklaces, or rings. While there may not be huge numbers of people with birthdays in the month of January, with the right kind of promotion you can make your business the “go to” place for gifts for those who celebrate a January birthday, or any other month for that matter.

Another way to promote demand year round is to take a seasonal approach. Use various shades of coloured stones to go along with the seasons of the year. For instance, emphasise yellow and orange sapphire, and opal in spring and emphasise aquamarine, and sky blue sapphire during the sunny months of summer. Follow the same pattern for autumn and winter, choosing combinations of coloured gemstones and diamonds that reflect the dominant colours of the season.

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