Fine jewellery is one of the most beautiful and emotional things in the world. Nothing makes a person feel special like a lovely piece of jewellery, and nothing evokes more feelings of love and happiness. A great deal of marketing and advertising effort is put into promoting traditional white/colourless diamonds as the preferred gemstone for fine jewellery, but more and more people are discovering that coloured gemstones and diamonds are just as beautiful and noteworthy.

You can increase your customer base and expand your business success by tapping into this rapidly growing fascination with coloured gemstones and diamonds. All it takes is a bit of creativity and some attention to detail to help your customers understand how much fun it is to be innovative with coloured gemstones.

Innovating with colour in many different ways

While it’s true that most people do not think of coloured gemstones as their first choice in fine jewellery, more and more people are beginning to look at using colour where they used to use white. You can take advantage of and encourage this trend by consistently finding ways to show coloured gemstones in a variety of looks, combinations, and settings.

Replace white with colour – A great way to start off with your innovative new approach is to start using coloured gemstones in places where you would otherwise use traditional white diamonds. Start promoting rings, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings that feature coloured stones as the central focal point. It is important to have a strong collection that can stand up on its own and not scatter pieces amongst your white diamond collection.

Pair colours in unique ways – Find unique ways to pair up different colours in different ways. Use coloured stones or diamonds, instead of white diamonds in a traditional. Or alternate white and coloured stones in an eternity ring. The list is truly endless.

Use colours in non-traditional ways – Think of situations where most people would normally choose white diamonds and show them what it looks like to use coloured gemstones instead. Some examples include using coloured gemstone jewellery with wedding gowns, cocktail dresses, and casual clothing.

Increase demand by increasing choice

Remember that when many people go searching for jewellery they look at what is displayed in the store and assume those are the latest trends. You can increase demand for coloured gemstones by increasing the number of them that you have on display.

Encourage customers to view coloured gemstones as a popular trend by offering numerous choices and options. Show engagement rings that include coloured gemstones, and display necklaces that combine colours in unique and attractive ways. Put coloured gemstone earrings right alongside and in the midst of traditional white diamond earrings as well.

Another excellent way to increase demand is to start wearing more coloured gemstones yourself. Give them as gifts to your family members so they will wear them more often as well. Get to know the people in your area who are fashion leaders and encourage them to try wearing coloured gemstones as well. Make coloured gemstones a popular new trend by treating them as if they already are a popular new trend. You’ll be amazed at how showing confidence in your product can help your customers feel relaxed about making their purchase, thereby increasing coloured gemstone sales and your profit!

What are your feelings about using coloured gemstones and diamonds and how have you brought these products to your customers’ attention?

Please leave your comment below or read other peoples’.

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