Apart from beauty, individuality and sheer style, coloured gemstones have one more asset that should be most attractive to the you the seller: Profitability! In our modern world, though, many people do not even think about choosing coloured gemstones because they are so focused on traditional white diamonds and retailers are missing a trick by not promoting them more.

Figuring out how to market coloured gemstones successfully is an excellent way to diversify your business and expand your customer base, and dramatically improve your bottom line.

The basic aspects of marketing coloured gemstones

There are a number of basic aspects to marketing coloured gemstones. These include:

Familiarisation – Most people are simply not familiar with coloured gemstones, and those who do know a little bit about them often have grave misconceptions about their variety, their beauty, and their value. Your task is to familiarise customers and potential customers with the huge variety of coloured gemstones available by consistently presenting them as a fine jewellery option.

Show examples – Even if people become familiar with coloured gemstones, they often need help visualising just how they can be used as attractive and interesting jewellery. Help this process by consistently showing examples of coloured gemstones in a variety of ways. Display them in striking combinations, show how they look with various styles of clothing, and generally help your customers see exactly how coloured gemstones might fit into their lifestyle and their overall look.

Increase demand – Your customers will want to buy more coloured gemstones if they view these stones as desirable and in demand. You can increase demand by creatively promoting coloured gemstones on a consistent basis, even going so far as to hold “limited quantity” types of promotions and sales.

These may be the basics of marketing coloured gemstones, but they are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to successful promotion.

Creative ways to market coloured gemstones

Look for creative ways to market coloured gemstones as a desirable type of jewellery. There are plenty of ways to do this, limited only by your imagination. For instance:

Partner with a clothing retailer – Join forces with a clothing retailer to set up displays and examples in each other’s stores. You might provide them with a handful of coloured gemstone pieces to pair with certain outfits in their store, and they might provide you with a couple of mannequins with outfits on which you can display coloured gemstone pieces in your own store.

Supply pieces to fashion shows – Keep an eye out for any fashion shows that might take place in your area and volunteer to supply coloured gemstone pieces to accessorize the outfits in the show. Pay special attention to bridal shows because this is a huge untapped market for coloured gemstones. The right piece shown with the right wedding dress can really attract lots of new customers to your business.

Your call to action

What other ideas can you come up with to market your coloured gemstones? The best ideas are those that cost you little or no money and that show potential and existing customers the many practical applications for this kind of stunning jewellery. Try lots of different ways of promotion and keep track of which ones work the best. You just might be surprised at how easy it is to get potential customers to start flocking in to see the latest in coloured gemstone jewellery!

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