What is Making Your Product a Luxury Item and not Just a Piece of Jewellery?

jewellery pileLuxury by definition is very hard to pin down, as luxury means different things to different people. In this industry however, luxury is the highest measure of quality.

So, how are you going to convince your customer that when they buy from you they are not just getting another piece of jewellery? That when they buy from you, what they get is a piece of luxury, that their purchase is a quality piece of jewellery that can last a lifetime.

Whether you are a designer, contemporary or traditional jeweller, the rules for proving that your jewellery is luxury are the same. Ask yourself, do you strive to meet every individual customers needs? Are you prepared to tailor the service to meet their requirements? Is every piece of jewellery you produce important to you?

In every business, customer satisfaction is the key to success. When selling your jewellery, it is important to deliver ‘the luxury experience’ to every customer. Try to make every customer feel special, individual and distinct from everybody else. There are many ways in which you can convey to your customer the quality and luxury of your products, by the piece of jewellery itself, and the experience of choosing and buying it. These factors will give them piece of mind and confidence in your product.

The luxury experience starts with the first point of contact, which is as soon as they walk through your door. Treat every client as an individual; give them a highly interactive and personal service. Whether the customer is choosing a piece from a collection or inquiring about a bespoke piece, show them that you care. By giving them a perceived personal connection it makes each potential buyer feel important to you. By indentifying their requirements and striving to achieve them, this ensures their confidence in the quality and therefore luxury of your jewellery.

Set yourself and your jewellery apart by showing your pride in each piece. Tell the customer what is it that you do that makes your jewellery special. Tell them about the quality of the materials you use, and give them the information on how they are sourced. If they are looking for a bespoke piece to be made, you could let them be part of the process, perhaps letting them choose the gemstones that will be used. This will make the experience of buying from you rewarding and fulfilling for the customer.

Where luxury products struggle is when they are sold on the price tag alone. The customer who buys solely on price is probably doing so just to be showy and to flaunt their wealth. When this occurs, the emotions between seller and customer are different. Instead of the customer feeling special and individual, the connection is not made, and the experience for both parties can be an empty cold one. By not connecting with your customer any chance of repeat business is very much reduced.