Diamond Cuts For Watchmakers and Jewellers

Watchmakers understand the need for consistency and uniformity. Our expertise is in ensuring we deliver this through:

  • Colour – whilst nature offers gemstones in every colour of the rainbow our sorters are trained to breakdown those colours into strict colour categories. Production concentrates on 7 colours – red, pink, blue, green, yellow and orange in ruby and sapphire and brown diamond. Other coloured sapphires are available on request subject to availability. Some of our stones have undergone some traditional heat treatment enhancement to stabilise colours.
  • Cut – we have taken gemstone cutting to a new level by opening a state of the art factory and using machines normally used for cutting diamonds. This has enabled us to produce cut stones with greater lustre and complete uniformity.
  • Clarity – our team of highly trained sorters ensure that only the cleanest stones reach our customers. We mainly supply eye clean stones, but can also offer loupe clean if the material permits.
  • Consistency – all of the above combine together to make a reliable natural product that is the same whether you order 100 stones or 1000.
  • Peace of mind – because we offer a completely reliable and consistent product, we find it very suitable for ordering over the phone, by fax or over the internet.