Bespoke Stone Cutting for the Watch Industry

When dealing with totally natural gemstones we accept the parameters set by nature. What we are constantly striving to do is manage those parameters to provide our customers with bespoke cut stones, cut to 0.02mm accuracy in colours that either match or copmlement each other, depending on what your requirements are.

We have made matching colours a speciality of ours, no matter if your order is for 100 or 10,000 stones.

By developing this speciality we are constantly pushing the boundaries to supply consistency at every level.

This includes:

Colour – whilst nature offers gemstones in every colour of the rainbow our sorters are trained to breakdown those colours into strict colour categories and whilst our regular production concentrates on 7 colours – red, pink, blue, green, yellow,orange and brown. We can offer other coloured gemstones on request subject to availability.

Cut – we have taken gemstone cutting to a new level even proportions, consistent makes and calibrated sizes to within 0.02mm

Clarity – our team of highly trained sorters ensure that only the cleanest stones reach our customers. We aim to supply eye clean stones unless otherwise requested.

Consistency – all the above combine together to make a reliable natural product that is the same whether you order 100 stones or 10000.

Peace of mind – because we offer a completely reliable and consistent product we find it very suitable for ordering over the phone, by fax or over the isupply. Please contact us for a quote or to discuss and idea you may have.

Please contact our Swiss office Major Trading to discuss this further, or send us a message using the form below.