February – Goal Setting

“A Goal Is A Dream With A Deadline”

With a business vision sketched out, you can start to think about how you might go about reaching your dream lifestyle.

What you need to know to move forward is based on some colossal assumptions, you’re in the right business, it is viable, you’re the right person for the job, you’re pitching to the right customers and about a million other things. Some of which we will touch on later.

A goal can be defined as a way to channel your energy and efforts towards achieving an end result. If you’re going to get up every day to work, you’re better off making sure it’s worthwhile. I guess you could say a goal is a way of making your efforts worthwhile. That’s why we need a vision to give us direction.

Vision is to goals like a compass to a navigator. It helps you know where north is. The goals become the road maps that make your efforts all worthwhile.

To ensure your goals are going to help you succeed, you need to make sure they fulfil 3 criteria:

  • Where you want your goals to take you
  • How you plan to get there
  • What actions you’re going take to achieve them

SMART goals are essential – specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and timed.

A reason goals, even easy ones fail is because they are not WHY goals – with a written down purpose, harmonious with each other and belong to you i.e. something that you want to achieve on a personal level.


Once you have defined your goals, you need to break each one down into manageable components. If you are able to break your goals down to their smallest components, your productivity will skyrocket. Once you know, what you have to achieve in the next 30 days it can help you achieve a 1 year goal and maintain a constant focus. If you do this with a number of goals, you will quickly fill your days achieving those goals.

One piece of advice, don’t over do it. Approach goal setting a realistic way and don’t set out to achieve all your goals in one shot. Take 5 goals that will help your business make money, or help you achieve something meaningful and start with those. Keep all your actions bite size and realistic.

I have attached examples of the tables you need to use to effectively plan your goals. Print them out, fill them in and pin them to your wall. When you find yourself planning your time, LOOK AT YOUR GOALS. When you find yourself at a loose end for something to do LOOK AT YOUR GOALS.

I know they look a bit linear and we’re all free thinkers, but sometimes a little structure is needed. You can mind map these, but without the headings, it’s hard to keep track of the flow.

Now post 1 goal you hope to achieve this year and why it’s important. Saying that goal out loud just might help you get one step closer to it.

A vision aired is a vision shared…

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