TheGemBank.com is the online arm of Internationl Gemstones, based in London England, Major Trading, based in Geneva Switzerland and DY Diamonds based in Ramat Gan Israel.  As you will see below, the Haruni family has been working in the jewellery business in the UK since 1951, but our roots in the business go further back than that.

Today, with a focus on high quality Gemstones and Fancy Coloured Diamonds, we have brought our collection to the online frontier. Through our network of offices, we are able to service our customers worldwide. By shopping on TheGemBank.com, you can see one of the biggest inventories of Rubies, Sapphires and Fancy Coloured Diamonds online.  As a customer of TheGemBank.com, you are moving one giant step closer the source of Gemstones and Coloured diamonds.

The Haruni Business haruni family

In 1951, Elie Haruni together with his brothers Mat and Aaron, started working out of London’s famous jewellery quarter in Hatton Garden.  From humble beginnings and with a pioneering spirit, they travelled the world sourcing gemstones for fine jewellers.  Their company EMDA International, became a name synonymous with fine Sapphires, Rubies and Emeralds, servicing fine jewellers around the world.  Since then we have learned what jewellers want, but more than that, what it takes to make fine jewellery. International Gemstones is still in the family’s london headquarters in Hatton Garden, and is able to supply and source gemstones for all our customers.  By being at the heart of Hatton Garden, we are also able to make jewellery of the highest standards, that London is famous for.

The Haruni Family

Our family has been involved in the gem business since 1951, pioneering in the field of gemstone supply out of London and the Far East. In 1985 we opened our Major Trading office to service the demands of the Swiss watch and jewellery market. We subsequently opened our office in Israel in 1995 keeping us at the heart of the diamond industry until today. The Gem Bank was created 2010 to support our online activities.

Our main focus has always been on service. Sourcing and stocking fine gemstones and diamonds for our customers to call on when they need them. This enables the jeweller and watchmaker to keep their own inventory to a minimum, better manage their cash flow by only tying up capital in stock they are manufacturing, and focus on the creative and selling side of their business, knowing that their sourcing needs can be taken care of by us.

For the consumer, you can source Gemstones and Coloured diamonds from a trusted source at competitive prices.

We specialise in colour:

  • larger single rubies, sapphires and fancy coloured diamonds
  • exclusive layouts of stones to inspire jewellery designers at every level
  • coloured diamonds of all shapes and sizes
  • precision cut gemstones and diamonds for the watch and fine jewellery sector
  • gemstones and jewellery for buyers at every level around the world, shipped free and fully guaranteed.