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Ami Pepper
Our Top Designer of The Month of August 2023

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Introducing Ami Pepper, our top designer this month, in a short yet delightful interview. Hailing from the fascinating landscapes of Pembrokeshire, West Wales, Ami crafts remarkable collections of sculptural jewellery that transport us to a world of unparalleled beauty. Her pieces capture the mesmerising intricacies of shell cluster formations, inspired by her unwavering passion for ocean treasures and cherished childhood memories of beach combing along the pristine Pembrokeshire coast. Ami Pepper’s creations invite us to embrace nature’s delicate elegance, each piece reflecting her profound connection with the timeless artistry of the sea.

Could you please introduce yourself, and describe your work in three words?
I am Ami Pepper, a fine jeweller based in West Wales and I make, organic gem set treasure.

Walk us through your stone selection process. For instance, what’s important for you when selecting the gemstones for your designs?
My stone selecting process varies from dealer to dealer ~ I mainly use social media platform to view and source, but the best is when I can visit my dealer in person.

Do you design first and then look for the gems, or do you tend to buy gems first and design around them? Does it matter to you which comes first?
Definitely buy gems first and design around them!

What do you find appealing in a gemstone? What do you look for?
Unique colours, inclusions, cuts and shapes.

Have you ever worked with more unusual gemstones? For instance, stones that have intricate or unusual inclusions, or less common colours or cuts? And if so, how was the design process and how did the clients receive them?
I worked with a beautiful Alexandrite for an engagement ring, that was pretty special. Otherwise I love remodelling clients own gem stones, as normally I would not have chosen those gems.

Where do you go for gemstone advice or technical/practical information?
My stone dealers, setter…google, YouTube.

Do you prefer to get your gemstones from a UK-based seller, and if so, tell us why?
I mainly purchase from over seas..But the advantage in the uk is I can see them gemstones first.

Do you also work with overseas gem dealers? How do you find the buying process with them, what’s good/bad and how do you feel about buying gemstones through photos/videos only?
I mainly purchase from over seas, and I have found that over the years by building my relationships the dealers know what I like and suggest parcels.


Definitely buy gems first and
design around them!


Are trends important for you? How do you think your clients respond to trends? For instance, jewellery/gem trends like teal or peachy sapphires?
I’m all for trends if they fit into what I am creating, otherwise I don’t follow trends.

Is there anything you would like to add that we might have missed or perhaps a fun fact about your role as a jeweller?
One of the best (or maybe the best!) part of being a jeweller is the search for sourcing gemstones and never quite knowing what treasure you will find!


Dive deeper into her extraordinary collection here.


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