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Castro Smith
Our Top Designer Pick for World Oceans Day June 2023

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As we celebrate World Ocean Day, let us honour the oceans and their resplendent beauty by embracing different shades of blue sapphires. These remarkable treasures not only captivate us with their mesmerising hues, but have also inspired many jewellery designers to create pieces that celebrate the magnificent ocean and the world within it.

It is no wonder that blue sapphires and bi-colour sapphires are the most sought after coloured gemstones for representing oceanic waters in jewellery pieces.

Today, let’s dive a little deeper into bi-colour sapphires.

Sapphires are fascinating coloured gemstones that belong to the mineral species of corundum, the same species as rubies. Bi-colour sapphires are also most commonly known as ‘parti sapphires’, these types of sapphires display a fascinating combination of two or more colours within one single crystal. Finding two of the same is almost impossible as they are all unique when it comes to the blend of colours and saturation. Sapphires are made of aluminium oxide, with traces of iron, titanium, chromium, vanadium, and magnesium, and their hardness on the Mohs scale is 9.


Coloured Gemstones - a mix of oval, blue sapphires

Our Top Designer Pick for World Oceans Day

Celebrate Ocean Day with us as we spotlight an amazing jeweller: Castro Smith. We had the pleasure of collaborating with him, a renowned hand engraver and jeweller, based in London, providing our finest coloured gemstones for his exquisite creations. Join us for a brief interview with Castro Smith, where he shares insights into his journey as a jeweller and provides a glimpse into the essence of his craft.

Castro Smith

Could you please introduce yourself, and describe your work in three words?
Im Castro , I carve metal with little chisels and gravers and id describe my work as, Creepy Miniature Glyphs.

Walk us through your stone selection process. For instance, what’s important for you when selecting the gemstones for your designs?
What’s important to me is the contrast of stones, I love darker greys with hues of purples. Like a cloudy Northumbrian day with a peak of sunset.

Do you design first and then look for the gems, or do you tend to buy gems first and design around them? Does it matter to you which comes first?
I mix it up sometimes there’s space around a design , sometimes just adding a stone just brings out a different mystery to the engravings. Other times I just buy stones I love , and then feel the need to use them. The latter being the most common.

What do you find appealing in a gemstone? What do you look for?
I like an unusual colour and cut.



“sometimes just adding a stone just brings out a different mystery

to the engravings.”

Have you ever worked with more unusual gemstones? For instance, stones that have intricate or unusual inclusions, or less common colours or cuts? And if so, how was the design process and how did the clients receive them?
Those pieces will centre around the stone , sometimes engraving is too much and I try to keep the engraving more textural to allow the stone to speak.

Where do you go for gemstone advice or technical/practical information?
Always from those who know what they are talking about. Thats the stone setter and the customer!

Do you prefer to get your gemstones from a UK-based seller, and if so, tell us why?
Yes its always better to speak about these stones and see them in person. Its the best part of it all.

Do you also work with overseas gem dealers? How do you find the buying process with them, what’s good/bad and how do you feel about buying gemstones through photos/videos only?
Only If iv been to buy them myself , more so as a hobby and some way to meet exciting craftsmen.

Is there anything you would like to add that we might have missed or perhaps a fun fact about your role as a jeweller?
I’ve always just wanted to just have a kick stool and table and engrave by a silver market.

Dive deeper into his extraordinary collection here.


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