The Competitive Edge with USP

USP, means Unique Selling Point – but in non-business spiel, it’s a single sentence that sums up your business – a single sentence that sets you apart from all other businesses.

The reason why I am bringing it up is that I have explained twice this week already the importance of having a unique selling point – especially if you are a jeweller or a jewellery shop. The jewellery industry is a crowded market place, so you need to shout about why you are unique, why you are different from your competitors. Having a unique selling point—even one that ostracises some prospective customers—is a competitive advantage that allows you to avoid the trap of trying to please everyone. It strengthens your brand and gives you the edge – and as the jewellery industry is such a competitive market, it’s that edge that can make all the difference.

And why is it only one sentence long? Simply put, it’s because people generally stop listening after a single sentence – unless you have hooked them in. So the reason it is a single sentence is twofold – it’s short enough to get the message across about who you are or what it is about your business that sets you apart from your competitors and it can be used as a “hook” so your ideal customer sees or hears what you are and delves further.

What should your USP be about? If your customers are local – shout that you are a local jeweller, if you specialise in creating jewellery using coloured gemstones – that should 100% be included in your USP – especially as coloured gemstones are getting more and more popular as every day passes and more celebrities are getting engaged and showing off rings with coloured diamonds and sapphires as the centre piece viagra sildenafil citrate.

What is the best way to put your USP together? Take a few words that represent your business the most. For example, local, fair mined, coloured gemstones – or coloured diamonds any words that you feel represents your business the most. Then sit and have a play around with those words – get your staff together or your family if you work alone your family – and brain storm.

A few great USP’s that quickly describes what the company is and what makes them stand out:

De Beers Group – “The De Beers Group of companies brings to life the diamond dream, combining matchless craftsmanship with elegant design to create jewellery of enduring beauty “

Gemfields – “Gemfields is the world’s leading producer of ethically-sourced rare coloured gemstones”

Shaun Leane –“The House of Shaun Leane fine craftsmanship and signature innovation created for you”