Just Love Rocks?

If you’re just interested in feasting your eyes on amazing coloured gems, this is the place to start.

Stacked Coloured Stone Jewellery

Our ready to wear jewellery collection is an eclectic mix of Jewellery designed to bring out the most of our stones. You can either buy what you see or take inspiration from it. Either way, we’re always on hand to guide you through your purchase.

Loose Gemstone Images

You won’t believe the range of Colors, Shape, Sizes and Prices Colored Gemstones come in.  There is something for every taste and budget. Treat this section like the treasure box it really is.  If you need any help, we’re always on hand.

Fancy Coloured Diamonds Image

There are hundreds of diamonds on this site, each one displaying its unique mix of colour, cut, intensity and purity. Choose any stone by itself, or let us help you make it into a unique piece of jewellery.


Thank you for taking the time to visit International Gemstones online at www.thegembank.com. Our aim is simple: to be a comprehensive and trusted resource for anyone looking to buy a Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald or Fancy Coloured Diamond.  Stones can be bought, by themselves individually, or bought and made into a piece of jewellery for any occasion, whether an engagement ring,  jewellery for an anniversary gift, a stone for investment purposes, or an indulgent treat for yourself.  We’re here to help you.


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