The Beauty of Ruby

Ruby is the birthstone for July and the zodiac gemstone for Aries. They are also the recommended gem for couples celebrating their 40th wedding anniversaries.

Throughout history and today rubies are one of the most prized of the coloured gemstones. Rubies were thought to ward off misfortune and ill-health, and being the colour of blood, rubies are also the symbol of courage and bravery. Rubies have been adorned emperors, kings and queens and have inspired myths and legends, and of course rubies have always been the ultimate symbol of romance, love and passion. Modern lore most associates rubies with expressions of love. The man who gives a woman a ruby is expressing his passionate love. Being the colour of blood the red colour of the ruby also symbolises the heart. Throughout history other red stones such as spinel and garnet have been used to simulate ruby, however the true beauty and rarity of the ruby will always make it the most desired of the red.

After Care

Rubies are, on the whole, very durable stones and are safe to use in jewellery dips and ultra-sonic cleaners, however avoid using heat with untreated stones as this could affect the colour and future recertification. Avoid coating with borax before applying heat as borax may eat into rubies and sapphires.

Rubies are increasingly being treated by filling with glass and stones that have that have been treated in this way may contain a very large percentage of glass. If you become aware that a you or a customer has such a ruby, avoid direct heat, acids, ntrasonic and steam cleaners, knocks and blows

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