One of the most difficult things to do when buying or selling coloured gems is match colour, especially when you have to source something to match an existing stone. Download our colour chart and diamond cut price list, and you will have a tool that will help you talk more about colour accurately than before.

The heart of our business is serving jewellery manufacturers and watchmakers with gemstones specifically suited to their requirements. In some cases, as in the watch industry, we are cutting stones, to a supplied plan, to within 0.02mm tolerance. Contact us and see how we can help you.

Jewel Crowd is a community based project centred around people working in the jewellery trade. If you are a business owner, whether jeweller, designer, shop owner or anything related to the jewellery trade, running a business can be a lonely place. My aim with Jewel Crowd is to start conversations that get people talking to each other. The information here is less about stones and jewellery trends, and more about the challenges faced by us all when working in the jewellery trade. Take a look.